Land Survey and Construction Using Drone Technology

Land Survey and Construction Using Drone Technology


Benefits using the Drone Faster. Better. Affordable. We deliver a far superior product with a fraction of the time in the field. Receive a premium survey without a premium price tag. Our Team. You will become part of our dream team of domain leaders of their respective disciplines led by a Registered Land Surveyor backing up the results. FAA Compliant. We painstakingly comply with all Federal, State and Local regulations. QA/QC. Our quality assurance/quality control steps provide proven results well ahead of industry standards. Safety. Remove personnel from hazardous conditions. Accurate Volumes. No more backing load counts for your monthly quantities. Get paid for every rock you move. Photographic Evidence. Take a snap shot of the site before you touched it and after you left it. No more being wrongfully blamed for damage you are not responsible for.

Slide side to side for a before and after comparison of one of the landfills we did construction staking and drone flights on.

Sales and Marketing Using Drone Technology


Benifits of areial data in sales


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